EPIC | Engaging the Power in Community

Epic camps invite middle and high school students
to solve problems, both mathematical and social

Our Academic Goal

To foster creativity

We want to get kids excited about learning. We think the best way to foster this excitement is to share beautiful ideas with our kids and then to practice creativity, giving students problems along with the autonomy to find new directions for solving them. Our approach to learning aims to help students let go of motivation based on fear and the need for status, and instead to develop motivation based on possibility, self-expression, and the desire to create. In a country where children are growing up surrounded by violence and trauma, engaging kids' minds creates opportunities for healing centered engagement.

Our Social Goal

To build community

What makes Epic different is that we extend our mathematical approach to shaping social interactions: We provide our students with a set of techniques for solving problems and then encourage them to think creatively, using beauty as their guide. Remarkably, one of the most effective techniques we give our kids is simply supporting one another in the process of solving mathematical problems. Using this team approach to learning math as a model for how to support each other more generally, Epic gives us all an experience with the power in community.

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